Beginner Course


Get Into Archery

If your interested or know anyone who wants to get into Archery, we offer a 5 week beginner course. It is run over 5 weeks (weather depending in the summer so maybe longer). These are £50 for the course and are delivered by ArcheryGB Qualified Level 1 & Level 2 coaches.

Week 1

You are introduced into the basics of the sport, warm-ups, get to know the equpiment and then shoot barebow style

Week 2

You then put your barebow experience into olympic freestyle shooting the most common way of shooting

Week 3

You continue shooting Freestyle with coaching being done on how to improve your technique

Week 4

You again continue to improve your technique and then introduced into how to score arrows

Week 5

You finish the course by continuing to develop your technique but also score your arrows to see how you do. You will finish by getting your certificate of completion